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Web & Mobile design and development is our specialty. Our team of experts specialize in open source CMS development as well as mobile application...

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The Internet provides the fastest growing medium to quickly and profitably market your services and products. Through the effective...

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With today's Content Management Systems (CMS), maintaining your site has never been easier. Save thousands by maintaining your site...

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WE HAVE SOME AWESOME CLIENTS And we're proud of the resulting work!


Website development can be a huge undertaking. At Wired Avenue, we'll guide you to make sure you make the best decisions for your organization. We'll help you make key decisions to prepare for your project, and evaluate things such as; a web responsive design, usability, CMS options and more. SNAP PhotographyThe SNAP Photography website is a portal for real estate agents to order professional photography for their listings. The website allows SNAP to showcase their work, and provides a platform for their clients to place orders, make payments, download digital content, and generate virtual tours. The website has allowed SNAP…



Mobile apps provide a great venue for businesses to connect with their clients. Apps can expand on a website's functionality, and offer specific functions readily available in the palm of your client's hand anywhere! The Braille Institute of AmericaThe Braille Institute mobile applications (iPhone and Android versions available), allow visually impaired users to listen to everyday publications through their mobile devices. Users have access to local, national and international news, weekly ads, magazine articles, and much more. The apps are specifically designed to enhance accessibility for the visually impaired, with a simple navigation, easy to use audio controls and a…