Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Dentistry - Deep learning teeth detection and classification software development

With the use of artificial intelligence, a deep learning approach was developed to automatically detect, classify and enumerate teeth found in x-rays. The dental software was developed to systemize the process of dental charting and reduce the potential risk of human errors. The integration of AI in dentistry does not only automate processes but allows dental practices to operate more efficiently.

AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning
Service Type:
Research & Development
Tech Used:
Python developmentWe use Google Tensorflow AI Machine Learning platformWe develop with the use of OpenCV Computer Vision AI
Set of X-Ray Images1230 ImagesChose pre-trainedModel(Faster RCNNInception v2)Initial Model & ParametersLabelling TeethConverting Labelsto Readable FileRe-Trained ModelModelFeedbackEvaluationLabelling(Computer Vision)Precision Rate:Run 1Adult Teeth:94%Primary Teeth:80%Wisdom Teeth:74%Run 2Adult Teeth:99%Primary Teeth:70%Wisdom Teeth:74%Tooth Number:#30Tooth Label:Lower Right 1st Molar
Set of X-Ray Images
1230 Images
Chose pre-trained
(Faster RCNN
Inception v2)
Initial Model & Parameters
Labelling Teeth
Initial Model & Parameters
Converting labels in
Readable File
Initial Model & Parameters
Re-Trained Model
Initial Model & Parameters
(Computer Vision)
Precision Rate:
Run 1
Adult Teeth:
Primary Teeth:
Wisdom Teeth:
Run 2
Adult Teeth:
Primary Teeth:
Wisdom Teeth:
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