Team Colloboration and Live Chat Support application

Meet Wired Avenue’s revolutionary team collaboration and Live chat support

A centralized platform for team productivity, organization, communication and customer support.

Stay up to date with our Live Chat Support and Collaboration Tool.

Chat with anyone, anywhere.

Start a conversaton in seconds with anyone, anywhere (no app needed). Perfect for instant support, collaboration or just catching up!

Chat securely through our encrypted messaging platform. Peer-to-peer chat done right. Introducing self-desctructive chat messaging.Discuss private matters without a trace. Share files and collaborate with your coworkers securely. Choose your level of data sensitivity
Secure your conversation with NovaChat's encrypted self-destructing chat messages

Innovative functionality that provides unmatched privacy.

Ability to communicate in complete privacy, and comply with to the strictest industry protocols (such as HIPAA).

Introducting live chat support secure mode with self-desctructing messages.

Sometimes a voice message is more effective.

Or you just don’t feel like typing! Nova Chat provides flawless audio quality when you need it.

Keep your team organized.

All the tools you need, to accept and schedule appointments, setup meetings or events, and track you’re to do list.

And much more...

Nova Chat is more than just a communication tool, it’s a complete collaboration tool, where your team can communicate and stay organized.