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What is YOUvME?

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What isYOUvME?

YOUvME is a revolutionary mobile app designed to allow users the ability to challenge others in almost anything. Whether it's singing, dancing, debating, or creating something new, YOUvME has you covered. Challenges made on the platform are then made public and open for users to view and vote on their preferred challenger. Once the timer expires, a winner is declared and the bragging rights are now theirs. Will YOU be up to the challenge?

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How Doesit Work?

Your challenge begins by downloading the YOUvME iOS or Android mobile app. Browse an endless supply of challenges from your favorite genres and provide your input by adding a like, comment, or voting for your favorite challenger. Want to get into the action? Create your very own challenge and invite your friends. Settle the score once and for all.

What Type ofChallenges?

YOUvME takes the adventure to a whole new level! This app gives you the freedom to express yourself as never before by connecting via video to other users from around the globe. You'll have fun exploring endless challenge possibilities by diving headfirst into your creative side. You can sing, you can dance, you can debate, or simply be weird. Whatever it is, Have Fun!

Creating aChallenge

Creating a challenge is as simple as pie. Tap into your device's existing video library or hit the record button and generate a new one. Once completed, you'll be able to edit, preview and approve your challenge video! With your video finalized, complete the challenge details and invite your opponent! Good Luck!

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