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NovaMap, an Indoor Positioning System revolutionized through artificial intelligence and computer vision that allows you to track people/objects in real-time.

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NovaMap Features

Indoor People & Object Tracking

Digitize your space and accurately locate assets, personnel, and visitors in real-time through the NovaMap portal.

COVID-19 Precautionary Features

Enable COVID-19 precautionary measures to monitor for spatial distancing, contact tracing, occupancy count and cluster detection.

Real-Time Analytics

Collect insightful location-based analytics to optimize your venue's layout, improve visitor experience, and increase user conversion.

Indoor Positioning

How does it work?

By combining machine learning techniques and sensor fusion, the NovaMap indoor positioning system is capable of locating people/objects with precise accuracy. Spatial data received by the platform is processed through a series of algorithms and then placed onto a digitazed floor plan of your space.

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NovaMap portal

Location-Based Analytics

Real-time analytics to help you analyze consumer behavior, identify bottlenecks and perform data-driven decisions.

Heat Mapping

User Routes Traveled

Spatial Distancing

Contact Tracing

Indoor Positioning System(IPS)- Track objects and People
Every journey tells a story

Get to know your customers

Discover how users interact with your space in real-time: product interactions, routes used, user frequency, track idle time, and visit duration.

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